What is Transfer Factor?

It can take a little while to really understand what transfer factor is because it is so different. It is a molecule that transfers immunities, boosts and balances our immune system. What does this mean for you? Ask yourself — if your immune system were working at 200 – 400+% better than it does right now, how often would you get sick? What health issues can be helped by having our body do what it was designed to do — protect and heal us from the inside? Hope these videos help.

How Transfer Factor Helps

4Life Transfer Factor

Targeted Transfer Factor – Renuvo

Bone and Joint Health

Cardio Health

Glucose Health

And not only will these products improve your life, you can improve your life by taking these products. Find out more by learning about this awesome company, 4Life Video. After you watch the video visit HawaiiHealth 4Life to find out how to take charge of your life for a healthier, happier you.

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