What the heck is Transfer Factor?

Transfer what? X-Factor? No one has actually said it out loud but there have been some pretty eloquent looks, “Is she making this up?”

Yeah, well, I was a little skeptical at first as well but I trusted the person who told me about transfer factor enough to look into it. So first, what it doesn’t do. 4Life Research transfer factor products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Don’t stop reading! Let me tell you what it does do. What if your immune system worked so well that your body healed itself?

4lifegraph2The Physician’s Desk Reference says that “Transfer factors are molecules that communicate antigenic immunological information intercellularly and from a donor to a recipient. They support immune function through cell mediated immunity. Transfer factors, which carry antigen specific information to which all tested immune cells respond, are produced by mononuclear cells and serve to support and improve immune mediated pathways.” See PDR.net

Hmmmm….this might be a little clearer:

“Transfer factors aren’t vitamins, minerals, or herbs—substances that add nutrients to the body. Transfer factors are molecules that actually transfer immune memory and knowledge from one immune system to another.” See hawaiihealth.transferfactor.com

In other words, we can use transfer factors to boost and educate our immune systems to reduce inflammation, recognize, respond to and remember threats to our health. What would your life be like if you didn’t get colds? Could move more easily because your joints are no longer inflammed? Didn’t have to worry about cold or canker sores? Had more energy without relying on caffeine or energy drinks? Maybe even lost your cravings for foods that are not the best for us and began to lose weight naturally? What if your auto-immune disease never flared up again? What would life be like if your immune system worked the way it was designed to work?

Thousands upon thousands of people have benefited from transfer factor products, including those of us who thought we were perfectly healthy. Visit hawaiihealth.4life.com to learn more or email us at 4hawaiihealth@gmail.com.


  Watch this video to learn more about transfer factors. Just click on the image.


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