Jim Harbaugh “Swarm” at Mililani

Head coaches Jim Harbaugh, University of Michigan and Rod York, Mililani High School and their respective staffs had a blast last Monday at GPA Football’s Pacific Swarm Tour Camp at the Mililani Mauka Community Park.


It was a rainy day but that didn’t stop anyone from having a great time. Coaches Chad Ikei, (far left with the mic) and Rich Miano (far right in the blue shirt and hat) organized an awesome camp full of fun competition, skills training and bonding.


Coach Harbaugh (left with mic) was positive and encouraging. He joked that it looked like there were more parents there than boys! Every coach that participated in the camp was focused on the campers and made sure that everyone was included in every event.


But even with all the rain, the sun broke through long enough to bless the camp with a rainbow. No shaka cloud this time but pretty awesome all the same.



Not many visitors to our tent due to the rain. You can see that everything is wet! (That’s my daughter, Kea trying to keep dry.) But a big MAHALO to all of you who did stop by to talk to us and enter our contest. Congratulations to Celeste, the big winner of a canister of PRO-TF Protein Powder, the best protein powder available!

Check out 4hawaiihealth.com for more information on our patented health products and hopefully, we’ll see you at the next camp! Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Pinterest and Instagram #4hawaiihealth.




Lose weight by EATING, not starving!

It can be a vicious cycle. Giving up our favorite foods so we can munch on “healthy foods” that leave us hungry and jealous (of everyone who is eating the good tasting, “unhealthy” stuff) and ultimately falling off the wagon, eating what we want, gaining weight, then trying again. Sound familiar?

You really don’t have to suffer to lose weight. Yes, you do have to eat healthier, but you don’t have to be hungry and what if you could actually lose those cravings for your favorite sugar treat?

Pop quiz. Which one would you pick? Don’t think! Just choose…

chocolatecake                   mango

Yeah, don’t feel bad, there’s a reason that chocolate cake is in the first place spot. =) We LOVE chocolate. And if you picked the mango – hurray for you! You picked sweet and powerful.

There are, in my opinion, 3 main things that make up a successful diet.

  1. Lots of good, tasty food.
  2. Not being hungry – at all!
  3. Having energy.

Okay, what exactly does that mean? Isn’t good, tasty food what has me adding rubber bands to extend the waistline of my pants? Ah, maybe – but what if you could change your definition of what good, tasty food means to you? What if you could literally change what you WANT to eat from decadent to dynamic?


It is possible. Not only is it possible it isn’t as hard as you might think. What’s the secret?

Eat protein.

Why protein? The short answer is that protein burns fat and builds muscle. Eat a balanced protein diet and you will love your food, feel full and have energy to add those other things to your life, like exercise,  that you’ve just been too tired to do.

How much protein? There are lots of suggestions out there depending on your current condition, life style, gender etc. We suggest that you set a goal weight that is within 40 pounds of your current weight. No more than 40 pounds. If you’re 200 pounds and want to be 140 lbs then your first goal weight would be 160 lbs. Then you multiply your goal weight by 1 gram of protein. That’s how many grams of protein you’ll want to add to your diet. In this scenario you would be shooting for 160 grams of protein a day.

(To gain weight, multiply your goal weight by 1.33 grams of protein to find your protein intake goal.)


That is a lot of protein! And believe me, you will be really, really full. The interesting thing is that it doesn’t matter where your protein comes from, plant-based or meat, it will still burn fat.

Your personalized diet plan should start with protein foods that you already like. As you fill your menu with healthy proteins you will find yourself satisfied, full and will have more control over your sugar cravings. Here are some suggestions.

  1. To meet your protein goals take 2 servings of  PRO-TF Protein Powder for 20 grams of the ultimate protein in fat-burning power. (Not only does this work, but it is truly delicious and only 1 gram of sugar.) Yummy enough to drink with just water, use in your oatmeal or add to any healthy shake. Add to milk for a milk shake-like experience!
  2. Check out suggestions here for great protein foods and protein snacks. Don’t forget to throw a couple of chocolate PRO-TF Protein Bars in your bag as well.
  3. Take baby steps if you need to and add protein into your diet gradually. Just be sure to be committed to making it through to your goal.


And that’s about it. Oh, and patience. You need patience. Patience with yourself. Patience with the change. It will happen.

You can do it! I’m cheering for you! Fighting!




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GPAFootball.com – 600 strong!

What does 600 high school football players look like?

7th – 12th graders at the GPAFootball Camp at the University of Hawaii-Manoa

It was an amazing weekend with coaches from Oregon, University of Utah, USC, University of Hawaii, BYU and more coming together to work with young men from as far away as Guam and as close as Kalihi. A crucial part of this camp also dealt with the importance of education with Education-1st Hawaii holding several workshops.


Gorgeous rainbow over the football field. Can you see the cloud shaka?

4Life Hawaii was privileged to be there showcasing PRO-TF Protein Powder, Bars, Energy, RioVida and all of our other great products. Many parents stopped by to ask questions about how these products could help their sons, nephews, grandsons, friends and their families. It was awesome to have answers!

The parking lot overlooking the field was the perfect grandstand for family. If you look closely, you can see coolers, chairs and tables. Hawaiians will take any excuse to tailgate!

A huge MAHALO to Rich Miano and his Speed and Quickness Camp for inviting us to be a part of this event. Am also very grateful to my daughter, Kea, water polo player and transfer factor believer, for all her support and help at the camp.

Hope to see all of you there next year!

Live with Hawaii Health


Choose to be Hawaii Healthy!

Did you know that living with Aloha will actually help you to be healthier? Living with Aloha is a lifestyle that encourages us to be kind, to be helpful, to be understanding — all attributes that help to lower our blood pressure and decrease the amount of stress we have in our lives.

Sometimes, though, we are too tired to Live Aloha — the traffic was just a little too much, work was one of those days where you shoulda stayed home, and life just never seems to stop. What do we do when we’re tired and can’t stop? Reach for a coffee or a Monster hoping to keep going just a little longer? We’re grouchy and too involved with getting through our own lives to have any time for anyone else.

In the fast-paced world we live in our bodies are sometimes overwhelmed by stress and our immune system struggles to fight off inflammation and infection. That’s where Transfer Factor comes in. This little molecule is like sending in the Calvary to SAVE THE DAY!* You know, like those movies where when it seems all is lost, someone miraculously shows up to save the good guys and beat the bad guys.

That is exactly what Transfer Factors do. They show up and boost our immune systems so that our own good guys can beat all those bad guys that keep invading our system. Not only that but the Transfer Factor Calvary also educates our immune systems so that it knows when to fight and when to rest. This is hugely important.

So do something good for your body and your body will take care of you the way it was designed to — and you’ll be able to Live Aloha with a big smile on your face!

May you always be happy with your health!


Learn more about Transfer Factors


*Bianca Lisonbee quote

I’m 54 and I just ran my first 5k

The road up to Gunstock Ranch was extremely bumpy and seemed long in the dark of early morning. My family had met at 530a and were running 3 miles in honor of my sister, who passed away 3 years ago from cancer like we do every year on her birthday.


545a at the 2015 Gunstock XTERRA Race

But this year instead of my usual 3 mile walk I was going to run (mostly run, anyway – a little worried about the hills) a 5k trail race in her honor. Val was an avid runner and a 2-time state cross-country champion in high school. So, here I was, driving alone to meet my friend, Amanda, for the race.


The whole idea started with Amanda’s suggestion that we sponsor the race. When I realized it was on Val’s birthday I suggested that my younger sisters race. I intended to man our little table and cheer for them including Amanda. But then I started thinking, why not me too?

And so there I was with dozens of others running up a hill. Up and down and then steady up. Once we started up the serious trail it was just gooey, sticky, slippery mud. At this point I’m walking as hard as I can staying to the side of the trail where the footing is better because I can’t run up any more. Then the first of the half marthoners start flying past us. They started 10 minutes behind the 5k runners.

I’m dying. I keep thinking, I’ve got to be in better shape for this next year. (Next year? How about we make it through the next minute?! says the whiny side of me).

And then suddenly we’re going downhill, no real mud, just some mini rivulets and I finally feel like I’m really running. Ah, how’s that gravity, huh? Awesome running downhill – just watch your feet and don’t trip! 1 mile to go!

The worst part was running the last flat after running downhill – it was almost harder than the hills. I almost blindly followed a group of halfers down their fork in the road but a friendly volunteer recognized the half-dead look on my face and kindly steered me down the right path.

I could see the finish line now through the trees, just a couple more turns and into the final straightaway. I hear my girls yell, Go Mom! but all my energy is in making it through that timing arch. I’m about 10 steps away when I notice there’s a clock and it says 45:00:00. Suudenly, the smile I thought I was too tired for burst forth and I crossed the line grinning from ear to ear at 45:04 exactly – my target. I felt like I won! It was great!


Me, Tommy and Amanda – happy finishers. Amanda knocked 6 minutes off last year’s time.

Already planning for next year! So, how did I manage to go from pretty much no way to finishing a 5k trail race? Read on.

The race was just over 6 weeks away and I had been walking with intermittent short jogs about a mile and and half 2 or 3 times times week for the last couple of weeks. In February I had hurt my knees trying to run sooner than I should and it had taken a couple of months to completely heal. Prior to that it had been at least 2 years since I had any kind of consistent exercise. What made me think I could run 3.1 miles, up and down hills in 6 weeks, in a race!!

Well, I was just going to do it. For my knees I started taking Flex4life, a herbal supplement that increases lubrication in your joints. I was already taking Transfer Factor Plus  so my immune system was in good shape. I didn’t need to worry about getting a cold or the flu.

I worked out a fairly escalated (for me) workout plan including rest days and accepting the fact that in my busy life there were going to be days where I wouldn’t be able to run but I refused to let that stop me from moving forward.

You can read previous blog posts for the details on that training. It wasn’t easy but things got better when I added PRO-TF, an amazing protein powder, 3 weeks in.

(Disclosure: I sell this stuff and knew the flex and pro-tf worked for others but hadn’t tried it myself until training for this race.)

Results? My knees never hurt, muscle recovery was amazing! I have to say that again – muscle recovery was amazing! Little to no soreness or aches – ever. I had tightness in my calves at one point but a nice massage by my 13 – year old took care of that.

After race recovery was also pretty amazing. Was a little stiff and sore on Sunday with a couple of hours that evening really feeling it but then it faded and that was the worst of it. Monday, I was able to go up and down stairs with only mild soreness in my calves, thighs were good. Then Monday night I ran a mile and and a half.

I know that this would have been miserable and I don’t think I would have made it through without Transfer Factor Plus, Flex4Life and PRO-TF.

Great Aloha Run,  here I come!

Told My Brain to Butt Out!

So I wasn’t going to post again until after the race on Saturday but the most awesome thing happened tonight!

This was my last run before the race so decided to just run 2.5 miles. But on the first mile I had to keep holding back. I guess after last night’s run my body was saying, move it slow poke – you know you can go faster!

But my mind was calculating pace, distance and energy wanting to conserve resources to make it through. It was an interesting sensation to have my body pushing against my mind rather than my mind pushing my body.

So at the beginning of mile two I told my brain to butt out and just ran. Best 2.5 mile time ever with an average pace of 12:27. Best pace previously was 13:09.

With that I thought I’d share my goals for Saturday’s race. It’s a 5k trail race 2 miles up and 1 mile down so I don’t think I’ll be running 12 and a half minutes a mile.

Goal One: Don’t be last!
Goal Two: 16 min/mile up, 13 min/mile down for a total finish time of 45 min.
Goal Three: Finish with a smile!

Goal Two is especially ambitious but hey, if you don’t reach, you don’t get. Here’s to the finish line!

The 80/20 Rule

I’m going to share some very personal, slightly embarrassing info tonight. I’m going to share exactly how slow I’m actually running. But first let me tell you about the 80/20 rule.

In sales the 80/20 Rule is that 20% of your products make 80% of your sales. This rule also applies in other aspects of our lives as well. 20% of the people make 80% of the money. 20% do 80% of the work.

For me, I discovered that I was suffering from the rule in reverse, only putting 20% of my mental “I can do this” into my running because 80% of my brain was saying things like, “I hate running” “I just want to stop and walk” “Why am I doing this?!” “I would much rather be watching a Korean drama”. Then something wonderful happened.

I ran 3.61 miles without stopping for the first time in my life. For me it was an amazing accomplishment! It took me almost an hour. LOL Here are the details.


But the most amazing thing was the shift in my brain. “I can do this” became the loudest, strongest voice in my head. My next run wasn’t much faster but it wasn’t a chore and I actually enjoyed it!

Tonight I decided to run a mile as fast as I could just to feel it. My goal was to break 11 minutes. Final time? 10:44. I would have done done a happy dance but I was having trouble breathing. Haha!

The point? Not sure I really made one but I did learn that running is only 20% physical and 80% in my head. The race is in 3 days. Cheer for me!

I don’t want to run!

I really don’t want to run tonight. Like, really. Why did I sign up for this race anyway? If I didn’t sign up then I could just back out and nobody would know and I wouldn’t have to go run tonight.

That was my whiny monolog as I was putting my shoes on tonight. I hadn’t been able to run the last two days due to a busy life, which happens. Was feeling creaky, old and heavy.

But I had to go. So, pulled up an app a friend recommended, MapMyRun so I could figure out how far I’m actually running and then grouchily and with a heavy sigh pressed Start your workout.

Creaking, little aches and pains, heavy steps but I wasn’t walking! Don’t think you could call it running but I wasn’t walking.

My goal was 4 laps around this little boulevard near my house. Estimated length of one lap about point 7 of a mile.

MapMyRun informed me almost one and a half laps in that I had reached mile one. At 1.5 miles I felt like walking but Santana got me through that temptation. Reaching mile 2 seemed to take forever but there was Michael Jackson and his brothers serenading me to that milestone. Taylor Swift pulled me through 2.5 and Natalie Cole’s honey smooth voice finished the last bit of lap four with me.

Final tally: 2.66 miles in 34:59 and I ran the whole way! It’s the longest distance I’ve ever run without stopping in my life! And probably the slowest I’ve ever run – haha! But that’s okay. My goal is to finish the 5k in 35 minutes. I have two weeks to make that happen. I CAN DO IT!

First time 5K

I’m going to run a 5k! Paid the entry fee and everything. Hmmm…maybe run is too strong a word – LOL. Should I say instead that I’m planning to start and finish a 5k?

Haven’t ever done this before but figured might as well. Want to run in honor of my sister, Val, who was a 2x state cross country champion in high school and ran her whole life.

And yes, the goal is to run the whole race. This is week four and was able to run the first mile and a half tonight and walked, with a little bit of jogging the second mile and a half.

Only seventeen days to go. Cheer me on – I would love the support. Keep an eye on me, Val!