Lose weight by EATING, not starving!

It can be a vicious cycle. Giving up our favorite foods so we can munch on “healthy foods” that leave us hungry and jealous (of everyone who is eating the good tasting, “unhealthy” stuff) and ultimately falling off the wagon, eating what we want, gaining weight, then trying again. Sound familiar?

You really don’t have to suffer to lose weight. Yes, you do have to eat healthier, but you don’t have to be hungry and what if you could actually lose those cravings for your favorite sugar treat?

Pop quiz. Which one would you pick? Don’t think! Just choose…

chocolatecake                   mango

Yeah, don’t feel bad, there’s a reason that chocolate cake is in the first place spot. =) We LOVE chocolate. And if you picked the mango – hurray for you! You picked sweet and powerful.

There are, in my opinion, 3 main things that make up a successful diet.

  1. Lots of good, tasty food.
  2. Not being hungry – at all!
  3. Having energy.

Okay, what exactly does that mean? Isn’t good, tasty food what has me adding rubber bands to extend the waistline of my pants? Ah, maybe – but what if you could change your definition of what good, tasty food means to you? What if you could literally change what you WANT to eat from decadent to dynamic?


It is possible. Not only is it possible it isn’t as hard as you might think. What’s the secret?

Eat protein.

Why protein? The short answer is that protein burns fat and builds muscle. Eat a balanced protein diet and you will love your food, feel full and have energy to add those other things to your life, like exercise,  that you’ve just been too tired to do.

How much protein? There are lots of suggestions out there depending on your current condition, life style, gender etc. We suggest that you set a goal weight that is within 40 pounds of your current weight. No more than 40 pounds. If you’re 200 pounds and want to be 140 lbs then your first goal weight would be 160 lbs. Then you multiply your goal weight by 1 gram of protein. That’s how many grams of protein you’ll want to add to your diet. In this scenario you would be shooting for 160 grams of protein a day.

(To gain weight, multiply your goal weight by 1.33 grams of protein to find your protein intake goal.)


That is a lot of protein! And believe me, you will be really, really full. The interesting thing is that it doesn’t matter where your protein comes from, plant-based or meat, it will still burn fat.

Your personalized diet plan should start with protein foods that you already like. As you fill your menu with healthy proteins you will find yourself satisfied, full and will have more control over your sugar cravings. Here are some suggestions.

  1. To meet your protein goals take 2 servings of  PRO-TF Protein Powder for 20 grams of the ultimate protein in fat-burning power. (Not only does this work, but it is truly delicious and only 1 gram of sugar.) Yummy enough to drink with just water, use in your oatmeal or add to any healthy shake. Add to milk for a milk shake-like experience!
  2. Check out suggestions here for great protein foods and protein snacks. Don’t forget to throw a couple of chocolate PRO-TF Protein Bars in your bag as well.
  3. Take baby steps if you need to and add protein into your diet gradually. Just be sure to be committed to making it through to your goal.


And that’s about it. Oh, and patience. You need patience. Patience with yourself. Patience with the change. It will happen.

You can do it! I’m cheering for you! Fighting!




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