– 600 strong!

What does 600 high school football players look like?

7th – 12th graders at the GPAFootball Camp at the University of Hawaii-Manoa

It was an amazing weekend with coaches from Oregon, University of Utah, USC, University of Hawaii, BYU and more coming together to work with young men from as far away as Guam and as close as Kalihi. A crucial part of this camp also dealt with the importance of education with Education-1st Hawaii holding several workshops.


Gorgeous rainbow over the football field. Can you see the cloud shaka?

4Life Hawaii was privileged to be there showcasing PRO-TF Protein Powder, Bars, Energy, RioVida and all of our other great products. Many parents stopped by to ask questions about how these products could help their sons, nephews, grandsons, friends and their families. It was awesome to have answers!

The parking lot overlooking the field was the perfect grandstand for family. If you look closely, you can see coolers, chairs and tables. Hawaiians will take any excuse to tailgate!

A huge MAHALO to Rich Miano and his Speed and Quickness Camp for inviting us to be a part of this event. Am also very grateful to my daughter, Kea, water polo player and transfer factor believer, for all her support and help at the camp.

Hope to see all of you there next year!


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