Live with Hawaii Health


Choose to be Hawaii Healthy!

Did you know that living with Aloha will actually help you to be healthier? Living with Aloha is a lifestyle that encourages us to be kind, to be helpful, to be understanding — all attributes that help to lower our blood pressure and decrease the amount of stress we have in our lives.

Sometimes, though, we are too tired to Live Aloha — the traffic was just a little too much, work was one of those days where you shoulda stayed home, and life just never seems to stop. What do we do when we’re tired and can’t stop? Reach for a coffee or a Monster hoping to keep going just a little longer? We’re grouchy and too involved with getting through our own lives to have any time for anyone else.

In the fast-paced world we live in our bodies are sometimes overwhelmed by stress and our immune system struggles to fight off inflammation and infection. That’s where Transfer Factor comes in. This little molecule is like sending in the Calvary to SAVE THE DAY!* You know, like those movies where when it seems all is lost, someone miraculously shows up to save the good guys and beat the bad guys.

That is exactly what Transfer Factors do. They show up and boost our immune systems so that our own good guys can beat all those bad guys that keep invading our system. Not only that but the Transfer Factor Calvary also educates our immune systems so that it knows when to fight and when to rest. This is hugely important.

So do something good for your body and your body will take care of you the way it was designed to — and you’ll be able to Live Aloha with a big smile on your face!

May you always be happy with your health!


Learn more about Transfer Factors


*Bianca Lisonbee quote


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