Told My Brain to Butt Out!

So I wasn’t going to post again until after the race on Saturday but the most awesome thing happened tonight!

This was my last run before the race so decided to just run 2.5 miles. But on the first mile I had to keep holding back. I guess after last night’s run my body was saying, move it slow poke – you know you can go faster!

But my mind was calculating pace, distance and energy wanting to conserve resources to make it through. It was an interesting sensation to have my body pushing against my mind rather than my mind pushing my body.

So at the beginning of mile two I told my brain to butt out and just ran. Best 2.5 mile time ever with an average pace of 12:27. Best pace previously was 13:09.

With that I thought I’d share my goals for Saturday’s race. It’s a 5k trail race 2 miles up and 1 mile down so I don’t think I’ll be running 12 and a half minutes a mile.

Goal One: Don’t be last!
Goal Two: 16 min/mile up, 13 min/mile down for a total finish time of 45 min.
Goal Three: Finish with a smile!

Goal Two is especially ambitious but hey, if you don’t reach, you don’t get. Here’s to the finish line!


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