The 80/20 Rule

I’m going to share some very personal, slightly embarrassing info tonight. I’m going to share exactly how slow I’m actually running. But first let me tell you about the 80/20 rule.

In sales the 80/20 Rule is that 20% of your products make 80% of your sales. This rule also applies in other aspects of our lives as well. 20% of the people make 80% of the money. 20% do 80% of the work.

For me, I discovered that I was suffering from the rule in reverse, only putting 20% of my mental “I can do this” into my running because 80% of my brain was saying things like, “I hate running” “I just want to stop and walk” “Why am I doing this?!” “I would much rather be watching a Korean drama”. Then something wonderful happened.

I ran 3.61 miles without stopping for the first time in my life. For me it was an amazing accomplishment! It took me almost an hour. LOL Here are the details.


But the most amazing thing was the shift in my brain. “I can do this” became the loudest, strongest voice in my head. My next run wasn’t much faster but it wasn’t a chore and I actually enjoyed it!

Tonight I decided to run a mile as fast as I could just to feel it. My goal was to break 11 minutes. Final time? 10:44. I would have done done a happy dance but I was having trouble breathing. Haha!

The point? Not sure I really made one but I did learn that running is only 20% physical and 80% in my head. The race is in 3 days. Cheer for me!


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