I don’t want to run!

I really don’t want to run tonight. Like, really. Why did I sign up for this race anyway? If I didn’t sign up then I could just back out and nobody would know and I wouldn’t have to go run tonight.

That was my whiny monolog as I was putting my shoes on tonight. I hadn’t been able to run the last two days due to a busy life, which happens. Was feeling creaky, old and heavy.

But I had to go. So, pulled up an app a friend recommended, MapMyRun so I could figure out how far I’m actually running and then grouchily and with a heavy sigh pressed Start your workout.

Creaking, little aches and pains, heavy steps but I wasn’t walking! Don’t think you could call it running but I wasn’t walking.

My goal was 4 laps around this little boulevard near my house. Estimated length of one lap about point 7 of a mile.

MapMyRun informed me almost one and a half laps in that I had reached mile one. At 1.5 miles I felt like walking but Santana got me through that temptation. Reaching mile 2 seemed to take forever but there was Michael Jackson and his brothers serenading me to that milestone. Taylor Swift pulled me through 2.5 and Natalie Cole’s honey smooth voice finished the last bit of lap four with me.

Final tally: 2.66 miles in 34:59 and I ran the whole way! It’s the longest distance I’ve ever run without stopping in my life! And probably the slowest I’ve ever run – haha! But that’s okay. My goal is to finish the 5k in 35 minutes. I have two weeks to make that happen. I CAN DO IT!


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