First time 5K

I’m going to run a 5k! Paid the entry fee and everything. Hmmm…maybe run is too strong a word – LOL. Should I say instead that I’m planning to start and finish a 5k?

Haven’t ever done this before but figured might as well. Want to run in honor of my sister, Val, who was a 2x state cross country champion in high school and ran her whole life.

And yes, the goal is to run the whole race. This is week four and was able to run the first mile and a half tonight and walked, with a little bit of jogging the second mile and a half.

Only seventeen days to go. Cheer me on – I would love the support. Keep an eye on me, Val!


One thought on “First time 5K

  1. YOU CAN DO IT!!! Just progress a little more each day! And when you are running with the other participants and the crowd cheering you on, that will keep you running! Once you cross the finish line, one of your first thoughts will be “When can I do my next one?”


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